Hybrid DAS

Hybrid DAS

Large but sparsely populated coverage area

Hybrid DAS solutions work best when there is a need for the abilities of an active DAS with a few price advantages of a passive system.

What is a Hybrid DAS?

A hybrid DAS combines the characteristics of passive and active systems. The RRUs are separate from the antennas, allowing the system to use both fiber optic cable and coaxial cable to distribute signal throughout a building. Because this configuration requires fewer RRUs, a hybrid DAS normally costs less than an active DAS.

A typical hybrid DAS configuration includes an RRU on each floor that converts from the digital signal to analog RF. The analog RF signal is then connected to multiple antennas on that floor with coaxial cable.

The same active DAS vendors (Corning, Commscope, SOLiD, Comba Telecom, and ADRF) all offer hybrid DAS options, typically at a lower cost than their "fiber to the antenna/node" solutions.

Cel-Fi also markets their QUATRA product line as a hybrid system due to its cost savings, even though the system is more similar to an Active DAS in some ways.

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